Stranger? Or Soul Sister?

by Pam Rennie

It was early morning when I walked into the grocery store. I was talking to my oldest son on my cell phone as I pulled a shopping cart free from the row of parked carts. I noticed a woman struggling to free a cart. I walked mine over to her and said, “Here take this one.” She thanked me saying something about not needing such a big cart these days as when there were 12.

 I smiled and I resumed my phone conversation. But, this feeling came over me. I HAD to speak with this woman. I didn’t know why but I just had to speak with her. I quickly ended my phone conversation and stepped into the store. I spotted her right away by the apples. I walked towards her with no idea what I was going to say.  Then I knew how to start the conversation, “did I hear you correctly when I handed you the cart? Did you say you have 12 children?” She smiled and said, “I am the oldest of 12, but I have just two myself.”

 That was the opening of the conversation. We stood as total strangers. She shocked me when she told me she was 92. I thought she didn’t look a day over 70. She was bright, energetic and had a beautiful Welch accent. We engaged in the loveliest of conversations like old friends. It wasn’t what we talked about at first, but how the conversation flowed with such excited happiness.

 A woman who looked to be about my age walked over with a surprised look on her face. Do you two know each other she asked?  The woman, whose name I learned was Mary said, “Oh, yes we went to school together!” We all laughed at this joke knowing there were far too many years between us to have been classmates. “This is my daughter”, said Mary as we introduced ourselves. The daughter stayed for a moment then went about shopping. She looked out of place in our bright conversation as if she didn’t belong.

It was after her daughter left that Mary looked deeply into my eyes. Our gaze held as she said, “this lifetime’s going by much too fast for my liking.” I held her gaze and nodded. I commented back with, “why you don’t plan to stick around for a while longer. It’s getting pretty interesting.” She held a slight smile still meeting my gaze with a quiet knowing.

Breaking the silence we talked for several more minutes until we knew it was time to go. We hugged each other well like old friends as we parted ways.  I blew her a kiss as I walked off towards the deli counter. I felt like I was walking on air ten feet off the ground. I felt so much love in my space, a huge smile on my face, my being felt so expanded!

 Curious about the exchange that had taken place I wondered, what had just happened? I did not know for sure but I did know that I felt amazing. So much love flowed through me. With an “Ah Ha” I thought back to my Mastering Alchemy class the night before. We brought compassion into our hearts and extended it out to humanity. Had I brought Mary into that beautiful powerful energy of compassion by our exchange? Yes but it was even more than that.

 Something had taken place between us. An exchange at a soul level that was magical and divine. There aren’t enough words to express the beauty of that brief exchange by two strangers. Strangers….we didn’t feel like strangers Mary and I. We felt like old friends. Dear old friends who were so excited to meet again even if but for a moment.

We are all connected, us humans. We tend to forget that. Next time you feel the prompting to reach out and speak to a “stranger” please do. That stranger just may be part of your Soul Family. You may experience an uplifting and exciting exchange just like the one I had with Mary. Don’t let the tingling in your stomach that feels like “I can’t talk to a stranger” stop you. That tingly feeling just may be the urging of your Soul to connect with a dear friend.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       photo credit: small talk                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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