by Pam Rennie

I grabbed my purse, journal, and a box of Kleenex. My husband was having a rare work from home day. I told him I was headed out to the park. “With a box of Kleenex, he asked?” Yes, I replied as I choked back tears. I’m so overwhelmed; I need to get outside and get some perspective. I feel like I’m on a hamster wheel in a whirl wind going no where. I don’t know what is going on, but I just feel “off”.  He gave me an encouraging word, a kiss and I was on my way.

Tears streamed during the short car ride. Finally settling on a secluded park bench surrounded by trees and the beauty of outside I burst out, I just have to stop! I HAVE to stop. I hear a soft soothing voice say, “Yes Pam, please STOP.

I’m used to feeling, seeing or sensing messages but I have never heard one so audible and clear. I wiped my tears took a breath and sat up straighter taking notice.

I knew the voice was Divine Feminine; I was instantly soothed by the comfort and love. I asked hesitantly, “stop?” The reply: “Yes Pam Stop. You are not alone, but in the busyness you don’t tune in. You don’t hear us or see us waiting to assist you.


 “Stop and Tune in Often Please”

This was my message. I took another breath and thought, of course. I had been in a whirlwind of activity and so off center and balance. I grounded and became aware of myself, of how I felt in my body where tension was or emotions trapped. I cleared my space and felt so much better. A night and day shift from only a few minutes before. I felt peace and relaxation flow. My breathing regulated.

I realized I had been running around in a familiar pattern of overwhelm a pattern of the past that I do not have to choose to be in.  I have tools and techniques to shift my energy. I don’t have to stay in discomfort!

I learned a valuable lesson that day. My energy totally shifted and the rest of my day was amazing because I STOPPED.

This episode happened over a year ago and a half ago. Since then I use the STOP technique on a daily basis. Often several times a day. You see, we don’t have to carry stress and overwhelm with us and miss important messages.

How to STOP:

  • Take several deep breaths
  • Ground, bringing your grounding cord and your attention to the present time
  • Become aware of yourself, wiggle your toes and fingers
  • Notice how you feel in your body~ looking for tension and emotions
  • Breath away any tension and negative emotions intending them to flow off you right to the core of the earth
  • Say a prayer, inviting in comfort and guidance
  • Be still for a few minutes

I invite you to STOP. This technique can be used anytime for any situation. With some practice you will find this takes just a few minutes and brings a remarkable shift in your experience.

I would love to hear your experiences as you STOP.

Many Blessings,

Pam Rennie



photo credit: gesture 2 

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Lynnet November 18, 2012 at 8:24 pm

Love this article, Pam! I SOOO relate! I have also gotten that message a lot for years. I have been a much slower learner than you, I think, lol! It is absolutely necessary to STOP and I love the instructions you share.
Thanks and Blessings!
Lynnet McKenzie


Norman Bird October 15, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Very well written Pam!


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