Channeled Messages

Awakening my Clairaudience took place at my very first Heart Point Technique certification when Archangel Gabriel came to me. I was in awe then and still am of the many gifts this brings forward.  These personal messages always come with such love and wisdom and are awe inspiring.

Read this from a beloved: “In channeled messages from Pam Rennie, Sacred Journey Mentor, I have received: Love, support, showered with unity, elevated, empowered, connected, adored, healing, energized, felt Invincible, Confidant that everything is OK. I don’t feel alone. I feel their awareness of me. Aware and Interested.” Monica Bastian of The Luminous Heart Center

A channeled reading is perfect if you are seeking guidance and answers to questions.

Pam works with a vast team of Ascended Masters such as, Yeshua (the given name of Jesus Christ), Master Kuthumi and Sanat Kumara. The Triad of Divine Feminine: Anna, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene,  Lords of Light, Angels and Archangels, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel, Zadkiel and Metatron.  You may request a certain being to deliver your message or allow the being to come forward as directed by your higher self.

Come with questions for a dialog or simply to receive a message.

$77~ Private Channeled Session with Pam and the Messengers~Choose this option if you are looking for answers and desire some clear guidance and inspiration. Session will be recorded

please email or call 404-931-0368 to arrange your channeled session