October Oportunites

by Pam Rennie


With the Equinox at our heals and a new season upon us, a powerful energy is assisting us to leave behind the old and with a gusto grab a hold of the Divine Possibilities. With two Eclipse’s and several interesting planetary alignments, this month requires balance and grounding.* October pushes the envelope creating a swing from one extreme to the other. Your experience may alter moment by moment. I see something huge:

October is pulsing with Opportunities. 

In the behind the scenes of our human awareness enormous expansions have taken place by those who walk among us as the human earth angels and masters with a specific purpose; to raise the Earth and Humanity to a once again fully Christed Planet and Beings as Divinely intended.

As the Avatars we are serving in many ways we all have the opportunity to step into the bandwidth’s of light and energy to also expand our consciousness and personal growth exponentially.

Take a deep breath. What does this look like and mean for you? As if simply walking through a door that has been unlocked, and is being held open for YOU; you can experience bigger transformations than ever by holding your focus and attention on what you want to experience and let go of what you do not what to experience. These are not new words or a new idea! You have heard this many times before.  What is different now? The level of light and raised consciousness on the planet is what is different.  The Archangels, Masters and Lords of Light and All that IS are cheering you on with a heightened level of excitement and power. Do you feel it? Take a moment and breath in the Divine Element of Love. Feel the excitement.

The opportunity to be WHOLE with self is available. Drawing in all aspects of you and merging into one unity consciousness to support your purpose and your Divine plan. You are not separate from Source. Source is the One within you. Your flawless navigation center is the oneness within your sacred heart. Draw into your heart and listen to your inner voice. Once of the biggest opportunities I see is our highlighted ability to tune deeper to our own inner wisdom and experience crystal clear communication with the Divine.

Holding your awareness and self in Present Time is essential. Take time in quiet pondering with your focus on your heart center. All creations begin within the heart. It is important to not think of or focus on what you do not what to experience. With the envelope being pushed this month, you may find yourself in unpleasant feelings and old stories if you are not mindful.

In quiet reflection, draw in the Divine Light and the Divine Love with your Breath. Call all aspect of self present and Be the Love that you are. In these moments bring into your fully consciousness awareness what you want to manifest. Bring in Gratitude and reflect that out.

This month is more than hanging on and making it through the intense times of change, it’s about being fully grounded, aware of yourself and remembering you have a choice in how you feel and how your react or not in each situation.

Be in the sate of allowing the Opportunities at hand to be yours. Raise your conscious awareness,  listen to the quiet inner voice of your intuition and BE the Love that You are. Much will reflect back to you as you CHOOSE and create your reality.

Be fully aware that there is a Freedom in Choice and in Choosing that we have not fully grasped before. Allow the reality of this as if a tiny seed to begin to expand and grow within your heart. Decide you do have freedom to choose and create.

As you practice this, notice the New Level of Awareness in your space. Anchor that in, create in that space and enjoy! BE in a state of Happy.

I am feeling the excitement of possibilities October holds and the surging energy is palpable in my space.

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Blessings as your expand the Opportunities in Your Sacred Journey.

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