Manifesting Monday’s

by Pam Rennie

Let’s face it, Monday’s have been getting a bad rap for a long time. It’s the most complained about, moaned about and sometimes dreaded day of the week.  I think it’s time to change that. What can seem like simple ideas and thought’s can lead to big results.

Knowing words and names hold vibration, I was curious.  On the site Today I Found Out I read that  Monday was named for the Moon and could be translated to: Moon Day. That sounds pretty good to me. But where I really want to go with this is the thought that came to me as  I was sitting in a wonderful creative flow and was impressed with the feeling:

 Monday is a great day for Manifesting

Change is all around us. We’ve longed for it, known it is needed and it’s time we make it happen. I say we start with giving Monday’s a much deserved break and change of attitude!

Monday is a great day to take a look at what we want to experience and manifest in our lives. There is a lot to be said around manifesting and the law of attraction, but the meaning here is to be simple, direct and create an action.

What if Monday is simply the day you set aside to take a look at what you want in your life? Maybe it’s what you want right this minute, this day, this month or bigger. From connecting with a friend, setting aside some personal time or beginning that book you’ve wanted to write. It’s a great place to ask yourself, do you KNOW what you want?

After you determine what you are choosing to manifest, then decide to make it happen. Deciding and choosing are the key parts to manifesting. With the Evolutionary  Shift we are in manifesting in the 5th Dimension is more rapid.  Take notice how quickly your thoughts create what you experience. It’s time to be more fully aware of this and tap into creating what you want in your life and stop putting your energy and attention into what you do not want in your life.

The universe knows vibration not language, so where you hold your attention the energy will follow. Keep your focus and attention on what you want to manifest and allow the universe to deliver. Be Curious and Expect Miracles.

Let’s start something. Let’s make Monday be a day of Miraculous Manifesting!

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