Let’s Do This, 2019!

2019 comes in with a roar as Eclipse Portals are already open in preparation for the first Eclipse New Moon on 1/6/19

I AM Honoring the nudge to create a gathering; to hear the Divine messages and insights. To bring awareness of how these these Celestial events in the very first week of our new year for will benefit you.

In this sacred space you will lovingly close 2018 and leave behind old 3 D patterns and experiences and call a completion to lessons and agreements.

The Divine will lead you in Aligning with Your Soul and Sacred Heart to anchor in more Divinity to be Sovereign Being you are.

You will experience and be in the 5th Dimension as you design your path for navigating 2019 with Freedom, Ease and Accomplishment.


Divine Messages

Magnetizing as the way of creating

Personal Insights


2019 is a 3 year in Numerology; this is about creative expression, happiness and personal fulfillment. This IS Your Year

Join me, Pam Rennie as The Leahona with the Great Beings and teachers of Light, and be lovingly assisted that with confidence you will step into 2019.

New Years Day Tuesday, January 1st 2019 at 11 am EST*

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*This gathering will be recorded and available for replay directly after the event. You may participate at any time and fully benefit.