It’s 2013. Now What?

by Pam Rennie



The predictions and prophesy of 2012 have come and gone.  So now what?


From 12.12.12 to 12.21.12 we have passed through an epic experience never before taken place on this planet; cycles upon cycles have come to completion during this window of time. As the door to the 3rd Dimension was gently closed on 12.12.12, new doors were opened and possibilities were expanded. The shift continued and catapulted when on 12.21.12 cosmic light was brought to the earth, portals of energy aligned and many awakenings took place.  Much has changed on our planet earth, the universe, and the multiverse and even own bodies; almost unknowingly expanding our consciousness.

Yet, when we woke on New Year’s Day were we fully aware that we had just begun a New Era; beginning many new cycles? Not exactly; some people went to the place of nothing happened, some felt as if they were on a strange road with no map, no destination even.


We are in a Transition; creating our experience in this New Era and New Earth. Transitions or periods of adjustment are not always comfortable and in fact this one has been quite intense.


With Jupiter turning direct on the 30th of January we let out a sigh and got out of our heads and be more into our heart space. In the minds or mental body we are often stuck in the stories instead of being quiet and allowing things to unfold. Now with more ease we may think from the wisdom of the heart.


The dance of our life has changed, yet we are not sure of the new moves!  Realize that while much has changed you may not feel or see that; allow things to unfold in their time, including what you wish to create. Much of the struggle you or others are experiencing is around HABIT. When we are not clear of a new reference point or place we often look back to what we have done before, even unconsciously. Habits and patterns are showing up as a reaction so that we become aware of what to let go of. We must let go of the old ways that no longer serve us in order to create new possibilities. Where we hold onto to old patterns it is quite uncomfortable.


The 3rd dimension is going away yet why are people still living out 3d in their lives? Many are not aware and very stuck in the habit of duality. The always, never and good bad, right/ wrong. Yet because the door to 3d was closed the template is gone, the “glue” to these patterns is less sticky. This means as you realize you are in a habit or pattern that no longer serves you the good news is it has never been easier to release and transform.  I speak from experience!


How can you navigate this transition with more ease? This is a time to be living from the heart space. From the love that you are. Being still and quiet. Taking short periods of rest and time for quite contemplation are essential.  Allowing and simply being has never held more significance!


 Be kind to yourself and realize that people will still be unkind, bad things will still happen but you have the choice in how your react. Will you hold your energy in Ease and Allowing as those around you act out their experiences? That option is available to you. You may choose rather that react.


The planets are aligned in the first two weeks of February to assist us in clearing off the past. We may find that we react in an old pattern only to realize that’s not who we are anymore!


The Divine support is enormous and those in the Heavenly realms continue to cheer us on and guide us when asked.


Be good to yourself. Take time for yourself and be still.  We are in an amazing period of time and what we choose to create has never held such enormous possibilities.  What you think and what you choose will become your reality. The 5d we have stepped into is the Golden Age of Love.  Our roll is to remember who we are and stand in that Love. As we hold this energy we assist others in finding there way through the 4th Dimension and into the 5th Dimension. We are creating Heaven on Earth as never before.


I wish you many Blessings in this Divine New Era!



photo credit: sunrise on Lagoon

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