“I’m Sorry Our Vision’s Didn’t Match”

by Pam Rennie



I know my jaw dropped open. There was no hiding the look of shock on my face. Extreme change is what I saw.  My thoughts went to; It’s just hair, it will grow back. The, “I’m sorry our vision’s didn’t match” comment; that came from the hair stylist. The one that just totally changed the look of my hair in an extreme way.  If you think cutting off 8 inches is extreme. In the moment I did.

Now, let’s pause a minute. I know there are much bigger fish to fry in the world than my hairstyle, but what was really on my mind was, how in the world did this happen? Hadn’t I been very clear with what I DID like about my hair, and hadn’t I emphasized I wanted to keep the long length? Didn’t I especially say, I really do not like that hair style, when she showed me a picture?

Here comes lesson number 1: Words. I know the power and the importance of saying them with our intended meaning. Did I say, “I don’t want to loose my length” and she heard, “loose length?” That is really what was on my mind, (that and getting a hat) That’s when the Ah came. Of course. I was about to embark on a new adventure as co-host on Universal Energy Radio. The Show: Every day Alchemy created by me and Anna Banguilan. So, I knew I was being shown where my communication did not match what I was intending. Where I was not speaking clearly, on purpose and with the expression of my intention. Interesting that I created that awareness as something I would be wearing; eight inches of hair cut off and in a style I didn’t like.

I drove home to meet the school bus. I expected my 10 year old son would laugh. Lesson 2: Perception. It’s all in the eyes of the Beholder.  He walked off the bus towards me. As he approached he said, “you look bored.” ” I said, “no not bored” and turned so he could get a full view of my hair as I pointed to my head. I was not prepared for his reaction. “WOW! he shouted, awesome!” I paused and looked at him. “Really?” I was about to go buy a hat. He said, “you better not.”  hum.

Lesson 3. Expression. I told my friend Gail about the experience. She said, “Pam! You get to express a whole new side of you!” I said, “Gail, I don’t think this is a side of me I want to be!”  Or did I? I sat a moment and pondered.

I did some journal-ing and asked, was there an aspect of me I could be bringing forward that I had not been aware of? I heard, “See the side of you that was hidden. The side the haircut reveals.”

I thought of the word a woman in the salon used to describe my haircut: Sassy. I wrote it and instantly a memory came up of my grandmother scolding me when I was 7. She said I was sassy, which felt like bratty. No, that can’t be what sassy is. I looked up the definition of Sassy:



adjective informal

1. lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.

Well, I could live with that I thought. Nothing bratty about that.

What other words were there I asked? I heard a word I am certain I have never spoken: Charisma.

cha·ris·ma noun \kə-ˈriz-mə\

1. a special charm or appeal that causes people to feel attracted and excited by someone.

2. A divinely conferred talent or power.

I paused for a few moments. I was so intrigued by what was taking place. I loved these words. I loved what they expressed and stood for!

How interesting. Lesson 4: New Awareness. I was very happy to embody and wear these words. What a fascinating and powerful lesson I had created with my hair stylist. Maybe it wasn’t so bad after all. I looked in the mirror. Hum. I brought the energy of the words Sassy and Charisma into my presence. I felt vibrant, I felt full of Sass and Charisma!

The biggest lesson; Lesson 5: Confirmation I talked to Rose, the hair stylist.  She was confidant enough in herself, that I knew we could talk openly. I said, “I wondered what happened?” (She knew after-all when I left with the new do I was less than thrilled) was I not clear? She said she felt I gave a mixed message, so she went with her vision. Amazing, she was confidant in her skills and talent to cut away. Rose and I had done a dance that my Soul was longing to bring out in me. What a great hair cut!

Lesson 6: Gratitude. Gratitude for a whole lot of experiences in one haircut. Grateful for the opportunity to do some Energy Work and set my intention for my new expansion as co-host on the air; and for hair that grows out. 🙂

You can listen to me on Universal Energy Radio’s Everyday Alchemy with Anna Banguilan every Saturday night at 7 pm EDT.

To listen to the replay of the first show, What is Alchemy: click here

I hope you will tune in on current shows by joining the conversation or just listening. After all I cleared a lot to be Sassy and Charismatic!

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