I Heard A Voice Say, “Wait”

by Pam Rennie

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Call it the still small voice, your angels or guides, innate wisdom, God…

I find it’s rare that we get the meaning of the message in the moment. It’s almost always hindsight that brings the clarity and understanding. That’s certainly how it was for me that day. The message made NO sense whatsoever.

I had dropped my 20 month old daughter off at the neighbors house to be cared for while I made the long drive to my Obstetrician appointment.  As I left the neighbors house it began to snow. Hard. I grew up in New England so I was used to winter weather, but I had also learned that the snow storms in Colorado could make the Nor’easter storms pale in comparison.

Being 8 months pregnant I determined a quick stop back at home for a restroom break would make the long drive much more comfortable. Concerned about the weather, I called the Dr.’s office to see if it was snowing down in Denver like it was up in the Evergreen mountains where we lived. It wasn’t the receptionist reported. It was bright and sunny.

Looking out the window I saw the snow was coming down fast and hard. I did what came naturally, I sat and said a prayer. I was simply asking for protecting and comfort during the drive, that was all. Not even thinking about should I go or not, after all it was sunny in Denver. Ending the prayer as I began to hoist by big pregnant self up I heard WAIT. Not an audible voice,  yet I heard it from inside. It was clear, almost loud. I said out loud back,  wait for WHAT? The message made NO sense at all. What could I possibly be waiting FOR? I sat back down a bit in disbelieve and wonder over the message and over even hearing a message at all!

The snow was falling at a more rapid rate as I wondered..how long was the wait supposed to be??

Then the phone rang. I answered and heard my husband Jim’s voice on the other end. He was working in Colorado Springs an hour and a half away.  Now, this was in the day of no caller ID, no cell phones no pagers. The phone was attached to the wall. It didn’t leave the house with you. You get the idea. It was a complete surprise to have him calling. It just didn’t happen. He’d used a pay phone to call home. I explained what was going on and he said, “We quit working because a big storm is coming. I am on my way home so WAIT. Don’t go down to the Dr’s  it could be a treacherous drive back up the mountain. WAIT for me and we will pick up the baby together with the 4 wheel drive jeep.

I hung up and took a big breath as I sat down. I could not believe what just happened. I could have SO easily walked out the door ignoring the message and would have missed his call all together. I was in awe. I knew even if I had left the house right then to drive back to the neighbors it would be a big trip in the now blizzard like conditions. I felt such relief. I just sat and smiled.

As soon as Jim returned home we climbed into the jeep. By then the snow had made quite an accumulation and it was actually blizzard conditions. It was during the second time Jim had to stop and shovel the jeep out of the snow to be able to continue driving up the road that the impact of the message came over me; if I had not taken the moment to be still and ask for the safety in my travel, I would not have heard the message. I would have been making the drive in our car and the neighbor’s house was a 20 minute drive up the next mountain over and around a hair pin turn! That was mountain life for you.

We arrived home safe and sound a little over 2 hours later and I was filled with gratitude for the message and the many examples of how I had been guided for my  intended safety to come to be.  I had exercised Faith and Trust and Allowing for the way to open up.  I could see Jim’s part as well. He took action on his inspired prompting to stop, find a pay phone and call home.  So many synchronicities lined up because we asked, listened and acted.

How often do we listen or even wait for messages? I think all too often we go it alone, distracted by the noise of life. Are we benefiting as much as we could from this Divine Guidance? How many times do we “wait” to listen and see if there is a message?

If you desire a deeper connection or more connection with your guides and Angels join me here: Alignment with The Angels. Lets’ be more tuned in and open to receive. It feels like the journey will be much smoother with many delightful Aha’s.

*more beautiful synchronicity! Rich sent me this beautiful picture after reading this post. He had taken it in his backyard. I had looked for a picture and didn’t find one I was happy with. Rich, said,  “this one was perfect for the story.” I thought so too. Thank you Rich.

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