Equinox Transmission September 2018

Equinox~The Dawn of A New Day

Saturday, September 22nd is the Equinox

This Equinox is about Timing and Balance

 Knowing the right time to take full advantage of all the possibilities presenting for you with a balanced approach of knowing when and how to take action

Join me in a web event as The Leahona~ Way Shower and Guide as we merge with the Equinox energies, the codes of light, color and sound with the purpose and intention to smoothly catapult you forward in your personal evolution.

Together Taking Full Advantage of The Timing of Action With Balance

This Equinox transmission will take place with the assistance and guidance of:  The New Friends, the Great Teachers and Beings of Light and All That Is.

We will gather via the web in sacred space as I guide you in a beautiful Energy Transmission to clear patterns, habits and energies not serving you, bringing more light frequencies to assist you for your highest good to walk in Ease, Grace and Success.

If you feel the sense of timing and balance please join this Sacred Energy Transmission.

You experience:

  • Feeling Uplifted and Inspired
  • Aligned with your Whole Divine Self
  • More connected with your Heart’s Wisdom
  • The Beings of Light will deliver timely messages of insights 

this is a timeless body of work that took place during the Equinox and is available for you now to experience

Join by clicking below. The transmission will be sent to you via email.

Exchange $27.00  If you feel the nudge to bring balance and knowing to yourself please register through the Secure PayPal System (you do not need a PayPal account)



Join me in this amazing experience!

photo credit: Photo by Tina Nord from Pexels