Energy Work & LOA = Miraclous Baseball Game, part 2

by Pam Rennie

Play Ball!



I have used the energy tool in this story many times with wonderful results, but none so miraculous and powerful as the experience I am about to describe. Part of what made the results so powerful was the action steps that followed the work. In other words, the Intention was combined with inspired Action and Focus.

This is available to us all. WE are the creators of our experiences and with a little support to align our Intention with our Attention the miracles flow.

First, the painful experience:

Thursday’s night baseball game for the 9 & 10 year old boys was very off kilter. The pitches were all over the place as if directed by another power after the pitch was thrown. Balls were dropped, and several batters were hit by the ball thrown from three different pitchers.

I felt the energy of the first May Full Moon/ Lunar Eclipse was having its influence. It didn’t matter to Gavin that the whole game was off or that the other teammates had a bad game; what mattered was his experience.  For him it was the worst game of his life. He was deeply distraught because when pitching from the mound he hit a batter with the ball. Then he hit a second batter and by rule was pulled of the mound. He was sent to the outfield. I saw his head hanging and I felt my heart drop. I felt his sadness and knew how sorry he was this had happened. These two seasons of baseball had brought what seemed like painful experiences; yet the truth is they were,  Life Altering Experiences.

He walked slowly to the car after the game loss. He didn’t want to talk or be talked to. He was so distraught. His fear, and he was quite certain of this was, he would not be allowed to pitch for a very long time, if ever.  After all in his words, he had hit “two batters not just one.”

The morning of the next game, only two days later I asked Gavin if he would like to do some energy work before the game. He said yes, but I could tell by his demeanor he wasn’t fully on board with it. I could see it would need to be simple and quick. He had let me know the energy work “ wasn’t going to make it go away. It still happened.”  I answered, “You are right the experience will always be the experience but the energy work can change the emotions of the story so you won’t feel so bad about it.”

I asked him if he would like to do something that would be dis-empowering to the negative thoughts and emotion. The thoughts and emotions that said, “You can’t do it” and “you’re not good enough.”  He said yes. I tuned into what healing modality would best serve his situation. I knew just what to do.


*The Alchemy Energy Tool:


I asked Gavin to cross his ankles: right ankle over left ankle and cross his left wrist over the right wrist and clasp his hands. This hold aligns the conscious mind with the subconscious and anchors in the positive intentions spoken through a statement. (also referred to as crossing the center line of your body)The higher vibrations of the positive words override the lower vibrating negative words. I intuitively formed the correct sentence for him.

 I said, repeat after me:

 “I pitch the ball, I hit the ball, I catch the ball with skill and focus.”

It was that simple. We said the statement together several times until I felt a shift in his energy field. I asked him to take a deep breath. I told him this is your mantra.  I said think of this sentence during the game. I reminded him to call on the Archangels to help him. I told him to feel the mantra and see it happening.

I knew it was up to him how things played out; for him to keep his Attention on his Intention. I sent him off with my husband to the pre-game practice and promptly forgot about the experience.

The miracles:

I arrived as the game was beginning. This game will forever be the most exciting miraculous game of his life (so far). (For more of the story and how I hold MY energy during his games please see the blog post: Baseball in the 5th Dimension.)

When Gavin stepped up to the plate to bat for the first time bases were loaded. First pitch he swings and misses for a strike. Then two balls (good eye) then BAM! He smacks the ball. It’s a grand slam! He hit a home run; his first ever with bases loaded. We are beyond excited, jumping up and down and cheering for him as he rounds the bases to home plate.

Next, who is put on the pitchers mound first? Gavin. The few times he has pitched was never early in the game, we are surprised and delighted.  He looks confidant and focused. He strikes out the first three players up to bat. WOW.

New inning; he plays center field. For the first time ever he catches a pop fly. It was a spectacular catch and the crowd is standing up cheering for him and the out.  He waves his glove from the field to the crowd as a sign, “I hear you and I am so happy I caught the ball.”

He pitches a second inning; again doing an outstanding job including catching a ground ball and tossing it to first base for the out.

The team won the game, but the win is a shadow compared to his experience.

 He experienced the thrill of personal victory.

For him the manifesting continued. That morning he asked if he could play with his new best friend from the team after the game.  I answered with a typical, “We’ll see.” As the game ended and the cheering players came off the field he came running over to say his friend’s Mom had invited him to come to their house.  What a perfect way for him to spend the afternoon. We hugged, high five’ed and gushed happy words all over him before he left with his friend.

Later that night as I tucked him into bed, I asked, “Do you think the energy work helped you?” He nodded his head vigorously up and down in affirmation and said, “Oh yes” He added, “I was SO surprised the coach put me in to pitch first. I said, “YOU were vibrating as the pitcher. Of course he chose you.” That is also when we realized, WOW, he did ALL the things spoken in his mantra. He hit the ball, caught the ball and pitched the ball with skill and focus. How amazing is that?!

 Imagine how this one day will impact his entire life. He will forever have this reminder of the capable creator he truly is.

By choosing the positive statement and holding the position it shifted his energy and the negative thoughts dropped away. With this transformation he chose to vibrate in powerful words like Capable, Certain and Confidant. As if the words were woven into his very essence like an invisible garment.

Alchemy, Healing, transformation, energy, the power of thought….The Law of Attraction. Put to action with a childlike trust and belief in miracles.



*Shift and Align; The Energy Tool: Crossing the Center Line of Your Body


Bring yourself to a quiet comfortable position. Take several deep breaths. Form a positive sentence that captures what you chose to experience. Make this a “nutshell” phrase to keep it concise and simple. Remember the Law’s of Attraction doesn’t know language, it knows vibration. Be in the feeling of gratitude.

Take another deep breath and cross right ankle over left ankle. Next cross left wrist over right wrist and clasp your hands. Take another deep breath. Speak your positive statement several times. You may notice a change in how you feel in your body, yawn or need to take a deep breath. These are signals you are complete. If this does not happen simply say the sentence several times, until you feel it has settled in. You can’t do this wrong. End with another deep breath and smile.

I welcome your comments and questions and look forward to hearing what you experience.


In Joy,



Mastering Alchemy Teacher





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