In 1 Class: Be Empowered and Walk in Peace


YES, It’s true. In one class I will share simple and powerful Alchemy Energy Tools that will make a profound difference in your life.

Think of holding a Peaceful Presence without reacting during:

  • your work day
  • with your family
  • even during the holidays!    

How would your life and relationships improve?

Read below the powerful testimony from Catherine, a student from my Embrace your Purpose course and the Create Your Personal Power Field Web Course. She asked for specific tools and support as she attended a tragic funeral the next day. Read her experience here:

“Thanks again for such a wonderful class yesterday!
Today while I was in attendance at the funeral I mentioned….I was actively using all the energy tools.  I found myself very purposefully a bridge between Heaven and Earth just holding the space of Love and Compassion and Truth.
I felt amazingly strong throughout the Mass and was not swept away by the sadness I was observing all around me.  I just was aware of MY Presence as an offering to be channeling Love.  It was awesome.” Catherine M*.

These energy tools were new to Catherine yet she held her space with ease and grace. This is available for you.

As we walk in this world Archangel Metatron has counseled of the importance of holding our space in peace and balance and not going into fear as we see change all around us. How we hold ourselves matters not only for our own well-being and ease it creates a ripple effect out to the Earth, all Humanity and more.

What better time than now? ’Tis the Season for Peace & Joy!

I invite you to join me in on the webclass: Be Empowered and Walk in Peace
Using Tools of Alchemy and Heart Point Technique I will guide you a Creating exercise and Template for your new peaceful walking around in Space.

In this class we will:

  •  Clear attached energies and emotions that are in your space yet not yours
  • Releasing negative thoughts and patterns that may be blocking your peaceful nature
  • Empower you with the simple yet effective tools to bring you into Peace, Balance & Ease
  • Channeled messages from Archangel Gabriel and other Archangels  for uplifting and support

 The “very full body of work” in this class contains Tools of Alchemy for you to use immediately and Reference Points to be aware of.  The Working Mediation creates a Template for you to Walk in Peace, Balance, Ease & Happy.

Replay now available to assist and support you to Walk in:

Peace, Balance & Ease


click hereTis the Season for Peace and Joy

You will receive an email with link to download and or listen to.

What attendees said: “This class was filled with Love and Peace, I felt fantastic”  ” I FELT BIG SHIFTS IN MY ENERGY DURING THE CLEARINGS.”  “I loved this class! I look forward to using the tools in my everyday life.” 

What will your testimony story look like?
Titled the Healer’s Healer Pam often works with other Healers to assist and support them on their journey.