I was Stuffed Full. Full of Gratitude

Thanksgiving was remarkably different than any other before it and not different at all.  The remarkably different part was me and how I experienced not only Thanksgiving day, but the entire week leading up to it. The not different part was the life all around me. It was all the same with family things going on and even a bit busier with more on my schedule. How did I feel my experience was different? There was zero stress. Zero. No feeling of being in a rush of having to do, even amidst tackling  a long list of things to do and check off. I was excited, happy, full of energy and very present in the moment. I was all at once in a single moment of many moments the accumulation of everything I have been teaching and sharing. I was grounded, calm, focused, present, senior and happy. Really happy and excited. I was looking forward to the day of Thanksgiving and also enjoying each moment along the way.

I was in Gratitude each day.

So? What’s the big deal? Maybe everyone already thought this is how I was gong through life since my role is Alchemist, Mentor and Channel. Hey, I’m human too!

Yet, this was still different in experience on levels that have no words and I wanted to know how and why. I wanted to bottle it and keep drinking from the bottle everyday because this was fun! This was exciting and it was Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing! Ah, that was it! The bells went off as soon as I typed Freedom Ease & Accomplishing. That was the key stone. That had been my intention and it came to be in a larger than life way.

It was during a Mastering Alchemy gathering that Lord Metatron said, “this will take 5 years of your time to be fully able to experience this template of Freedom Ease and Accomplishing”  Well, ok it took me 7. Maybe I was on the slow train. While this template Lord Metatron presented, that I had used so often was the end result and the present experience, there was more.

The more of my experience was also about a State of Being. It was an example of how rapidly we are manifesting our desires and intentions and how it can be done with ease. I put in motion what I desired using the tools of Alchemy in my tool box and the power of my intention. Then I went about my life. Here is another key. I went about my life BEing excited, happy and in Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing. I wasn’t looking for it all to happen by trying to find it or doubting it would happen.  I attached the feeling and emotions to what I wanted to experience. Metatron says this piece is essential for manifesting; attaching the feeling and emotions.

Why is this so exciting? It could seem ordinary, but the experience was nothing ordinary. It was outstanding! The excitement is this is for you to experience too! The platform of Freedom, Ease and Accomplishing and all the tools and key’s of Manifesting are right here for you too.

It all begins the simple questions, How do you choose? How would you like to experience yourself?


I was sitting at my desk enjoying the sacred space in the room where the magical client sessions take place. I was feeling quiet and contemplative. Then something got my attention; I had heard it the other day too, but had ignored it. This time I listened and heard the faint tapping knocking kind of  sound. It almost had a rhythm to it, a regular tapping beat for sure and very faint.

I stood up and put a deeper focus on, where is this sound coming from? I let my ear actually lead the way, leaning into the direction of the sound. There it was! I paused and stood back looking at the window directly in front of me. It was the stained glass hanging of The Rose. That was the source of the sound. How curious! There was no movement of air in the room. The Air-conditioning was off, window closed, yet I could see it moving back and forth making the gentle tapping sound!

I sat back in amazement as I gazed at the writing on the stained glass:  There Is Only The Rose. This sweet hanging was a gift from a very dear friend and had hung in this spot silently for over three years. Spirit had done this to get my attention. I was curious to say the least.

As I reflected on the Rose tool I thought of the ways I used this tool daily. With an almost audible sound, the guidance said, “use it more often and in new ways.” Huh, I thought, what an interesting way to get my attention with this Divine request.  The fires raging in California came to mind. I had been sending prayers and doing energy work with the Elemental’s as guided. Containment had been the very first word/thought when I began this work, and now I saw to place Roses around the fires as a containment. Interesting. The Rose Tool used at the edge of your Aura creates a line of delineation or a separation, so placing this sacred tool of Alchemy around the fires made sense to me.  As I did that and pondered on the Rose Tool a bit more I noticed the tapping sound had stopped. Completely stopped.

Not only was Spirit calling my attention to this tool, but it was for another person also. I shared this story during an Angelic Gathering where we did use the Rose Tool in new ways during the Energy Healing portion of the event. After the event a participant, Jacquie shared this:

“I was so amazed when you spoke about using the  Rose Tool in different ways, on Friday night as I got into bed I felt a strong urge to do more with the tools, of late there have been many burglaries in our area, although  I feel safe and protected, it came to me to create a boundary of the roses all around the property, so when you mentioned this on the call I was blown away.”

Information and guidance often comes to many in different ways with a similar message or nudge. The Question is: Are we paying attention? I have continued to use the Rose tool more often and am grateful for the nudge to do so.

Here is the best part. YOU can use this tool of Alchemy too. Listen to this recording The Rose Tool  as I share with you how you can use the particular application of the Rose Tool to Defining your space and create a container for you to experience you in your energy field and not be the effects of others energies.  You will experience how beneficial this tool is.

Oh, and by the way; the tapping sound has not happened at all since that day.


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Call it the still small voice, your angels or guides, innate wisdom, God…

I find it’s rare that we get the meaning of the message in the moment. It’s almost always hindsight that brings the clarity and understanding. That’s certainly how it was for me that day. The message made NO sense whatsoever.

I had dropped my 20 month old daughter off at the neighbors house to be cared for while I made the long drive to my Obstetrician appointment.  As I left the neighbors house it began to snow. Hard. I grew up in New England so I was used to winter weather, but I had also learned that the snow storms in Colorado could make the Nor’easter storms pale in comparison.

Being 8 months pregnant I determined a quick stop back at home for a restroom break would make the long drive much more comfortable. Concerned about the weather, I called the Dr.’s office to see if it was snowing down in Denver like it was up in the Evergreen mountains where we lived. It wasn’t the receptionist reported. It was bright and sunny.

Looking out the window I saw the snow was coming down fast and hard. I did what came naturally, I sat and said a prayer. I was simply asking for protecting and comfort during the drive, that was all. Not even thinking about should I go or not, after all it was sunny in Denver. Ending the prayer as I began to hoist by big pregnant self up I heard WAIT. Not an audible voice,  yet I heard it from inside. It was clear, almost loud. I said out loud back,  wait for WHAT? The message made NO sense at all. What could I possibly be waiting FOR? I sat back down a bit in disbelieve and wonder over the message and over even hearing a message at all!

The snow was falling at a more rapid rate as I wondered..how long was the wait supposed to be??

Then the phone rang. I answered and heard my husband Jim’s voice on the other end. He was working in Colorado Springs an hour and a half away.  Now, this was in the day of no caller ID, no cell phones no pagers. The phone was attached to the wall. It didn’t leave the house with you. You get the idea. It was a complete surprise to have him calling. It just didn’t happen. He’d used a pay phone to call home. I explained what was going on and he said, “We quit working because a big storm is coming. I am on my way home so WAIT. Don’t go down to the Dr’s  it could be a treacherous drive back up the mountain. WAIT for me and we will pick up the baby together with the 4 wheel drive jeep.

I hung up and took a big breath as I sat down. I could not believe what just happened. I could have SO easily walked out the door ignoring the message and would have missed his call all together. I was in awe. I knew even if I had left the house right then to drive back to the neighbors it would be a big trip in the now blizzard like conditions. I felt such relief. I just sat and smiled.

As soon as Jim returned home we climbed into the jeep. By then the snow had made quite an accumulation and it was actually blizzard conditions. It was during the second time Jim had to stop and shovel the jeep out of the snow to be able to continue driving up the road that the impact of the message came over me; if I had not taken the moment to be still and ask for the safety in my travel, I would not have heard the message. I would have been making the drive in our car and the neighbor’s house was a 20 minute drive up the next mountain over and around a hair pin turn! That was mountain life for you.

We arrived home safe and sound a little over 2 hours later and I was filled with gratitude for the message and the many examples of how I had been guided for my  intended safety to come to be.  I had exercised Faith and Trust and Allowing for the way to open up.  I could see Jim’s part as well. He took action on his inspired prompting to stop, find a pay phone and call home.  So many synchronicities lined up because we asked, listened and acted.

How often do we listen or even wait for messages? I think all too often we go it alone, distracted by the noise of life. Are we benefiting as much as we could from this Divine Guidance? How many times do we “wait” to listen and see if there is a message?

If you desire a deeper connection or more connection with your guides and Angels join me here: Alignment with The Angels. Lets’ be more tuned in and open to receive. It feels like the journey will be much smoother with many delightful Aha’s.

*more beautiful synchronicity! Rich sent me this beautiful picture after reading this post. He had taken it in his backyard. I had looked for a picture and didn’t find one I was happy with. Rich, said,  “this one was perfect for the story.” I thought so too. Thank you Rich.



No longer coming in the future, we are IN the Evolutionary Shift that has been spoken of for so long.  You may be finding things smoothing out or days that feel like you are on an roller coaster.  Do you feel great one minute and feel a mess the next? Many people are experiencing both. In my work I see “themes”of issues coming up at the same time in people that can be physical, mental and spiritual.

Some days are filled with a wonderful and calm, like the Roller Coaster has stopped. Other days it appeared that the Roller Coaster had just paused for an upgrade: it seems to have added some new thrills to the ride taking us on sharper, faster turns and even upside down.  We may feel physical aches, pains and extreme fatigue in some cases. Vitality and energy surges in others.  Of course I use this roller coaster simply as an example in  jest but the reality is we are in a huge transition that’s picking up the pace and we are feeling it on all levels.  I could go on about what people are experiencing but the real question and important piece is:


Take a breath and realize you are not alone. Not only are many others going through this, but the Angelic support is more available than ever before. How can you tap into this support?

Ground. Being grounded and in present time is essential. Slow down. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but we must. We are being asked to slow down in fact by the Angelic realm. This is very purposeful because our bodies need time to “catch up” and integrate the energy changes. I also feel we are finding a new way to accomplish as much and more as we do slow down. It is also in the stillness and quiet of both physical and mental bodies that we hear and receive the guidance we are looking for. Take. Taking frequent breaks from what you are doing and ask where am I? Are there several thoughts going through your mind at once? Do you feel tension in your body? Take several deep breaths. Get up and walk around for a moment. Before you step back into what you were doing, decide you will feel more in the present moment and STOP

A key piece of the roller coaster ride is stepping more fully into who YOU are. We have carried much of what others who love us have thought we should do, be and so on. A purposeful part of this Shift is letting go of  who you are not. Releasing all the baggage both conscious and unconscious is most essential.

We are being greatly assisted in this. How you ask? How many times have you had an old memory come up; typically an uncomfortable one out of the blue? It’s coming up for releasing and to fully let go of every aspect of it! This leads to:

Thoughts and Emotions.  Wither it’s a memory that comes up or what we are doing in the moment our thoughts and attitude will determine more that anything what kind of experience we will have. Thoughts are electrical and have a charge. When you let the thought grow by adding a feeling or emotion; emotion being magnetic,  it will ignite like a lit match to a full raging bon fire. Or a very uncomfortable roller coaster ride if you will. Not only will the issue or thought experience grow but you will also attract other frequencies (remember thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic) of the very same emotions. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. We are connected and are surrounded by thoughts in bandwidths of energy. So, you will draw to you these same energies. How many times have you gotten angry about something and had that anger grow the more you thought and felt it? Perfect example.

It becomes and is so important to keep your focus and Intention on your Attention. You hold the key in how your roller coaster ride will be. Where is your attention? Happy or frustrated? Sad or feeling appreciation?

The best re-balancing and aligning is to move your body and get out in Nature in the light, beauty and sounds of our amazing earth. This will do wonders for you body, mind and spirit.

Sound. The value and transforming power of sound are not to be underestimated. Hum, and notice the vibration throughout  you body. The vibration of sound though music, humming, toning, chanting and singing will raise your frequency and create a shift in your awareness, energy and mood in a rapid and wonderful way.

Tuning in and listening to what you body(s) needs is a big piece. We must shift our attention from giving more to others first and leaving us to last. Think of being on an airplane. Don’t they tell you to oxygen mask on YOU first?  We meant no harm, but we have often neglected ourselves in our desire to serve. Time to stop that. It is not selfish to use good self-care but Self-Saving to do so. Start right now to decide you will give more to yourself. Rest when you need to rest. Let go of the push and be in the moment. Ask for support. Call on the Angels, your guides and the many who are here on earth to assist you too. Miraculous things happen when two or more come together in guided Divine light.

While there is more to add to the story, these suggestions or tips and tools as I call them, if implemented will make a comfortable difference for you. My Passion is assisting other on their Sacred Journey by sharing tips and tools that have supported me on my path and brought transformation.

My intention in sharing is to bring awareness to your journey the possibilities of creating a ride filled with ease.

May your ride be filled with exciting moments of bliss and ease.


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