The Message Said: Wait

by Pam Rennie

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Call it the still small voice, your angels or guides, innate wisdom, God…

I find it’s rare that we get the meaning of the message in the moment. It’s almost always hindsight that brings the clarity and understanding. That’s certainly how it was for me that day. The message made NO sense whatsoever.

I had dropped my 20 month old daughter off at the neighbors house to be cared for while I made the long drive to my Obstetrician appointment.  As I left the neighbors house it began to snow. Hard. I grew up in New England so I was used to winter weather, but I had also learned that the snow storms in Colorado could make the Nor’easter storms pale in comparison.

Being 8 months pregnant I determined a quick stop back at home for a restroom break would make the long drive much more comfortable. Concerned about the weather, I called the Dr.’s office to see if it was snowing down in Denver like it was up in the Evergreen mountains where we lived. It wasn’t the receptionist reported. It was bright and sunny.

Looking out the window I saw the snow was coming down fast and hard. I did what came naturally, I sat and said a prayer. I was simply asking for protecting and comfort during the drive, that was all. Not even thinking about should I go or not, after all it was sunny in Denver. Ending the prayer as I began to hoist by big pregnant self up I heard WAIT. Not an audible voice,  yet I heard it from inside. It was clear, almost loud. I said out loud back,  wait for WHAT? The message made NO sense at all. What could I possibly be waiting FOR? I sat back down a bit in disbelieve and wonder over the message and over even hearing a message at all!

The snow was falling at a more rapid rate as I long was the wait supposed to be??

Then the phone rang. I answered and heard my husband Jim’s voice on the other end. He was working in Colorado Springs an hour and a half away.  Now, this was in the day of no caller ID, no cell phones no pagers. The phone was attached to the wall. It didn’t leave the house with you. You get the idea. It was a complete surprise to have him calling. It just didn’t happen. He’d used a pay phone to call home. I explained what was going on and he said, “We quit working because a big storm is coming. I am on my way home so WAIT. Don’t go down to the Dr’s  it could be a treacherous drive back up the mountain. WAIT for me and we will pick up the baby together with the 4 wheel drive jeep.

I hung up and took a big breath as I sat down. I could not believe what just happened. I could have SO easily walked out the door ignoring the message and would have missed his call all together. I was in awe. I knew even if I had left the house right then to drive back to the neighbors it would be a big trip in the now blizzard like conditions. I felt such relief. I just sat and smiled.

As soon as Jim returned home we climbed into the jeep. By then the snow had made quite an accumulation and it was actually blizzard conditions. It was during the second time Jim had to stop and shovel the jeep out of the snow to be able to continue driving up the road that the impact of the message came over me; if I had not taken the moment to be still and ask for the safety in my travel, I would not have heard the message. I would have been making the drive in our car and the neighbor’s house was a 20 minute drive up the next mountain over and around a hair pin turn! That was mountain life for you.

We arrived home safe and sound a little over 2 hours later and I was filled with gratitude for the message and the many examples of how I had been guided for my  intended safety to come to be.  I had exercised Faith and Trust and Allowing for the way to open up.  I could see Jim’s part as well. He took action on his inspired prompting to stop, find a pay phone and call home.  So many synchronicities lined up because we asked, listened and acted.

How often do we listen or even wait for messages? I think all too often we go it alone, distracted by the noise of life. Are we benefiting as much as we could from this Divine Guidance? How many times do we “wait” to listen and see if there is a message?

If you desire a deeper connection or more connection with your guides and Angels join me here: Alignment with The Angels. Lets’ be more tuned in and open to receive. It feels like the journey will be much smoother with many delightful Aha’s.

*more beautiful synchronicity! Rich sent me this beautiful picture after reading this post. He had taken it in his backyard. I had looked for a picture and didn’t find one I was happy with. Rich, said,  “this one was perfect for the story.” I thought so too. Thank you Rich.



No longer coming in the future, we are IN the Evolutionary Shift that has been spoken of for so long.  You may be finding things smoothing out or days that feel like you are on an roller coaster.  Do you feel great one minute and feel a mess the next? Many people are experiencing both. In my work I see “themes”of issues coming up at the same time in people that can be physical, mental and spiritual.

Some days are filled with a wonderful and calm, like the Roller Coaster has stopped. Other days it appeared that the Roller Coaster had just paused for an upgrade: it seems to have added some new thrills to the ride taking us on sharper, faster turns and even upside down.  We may feel physical aches, pains and extreme fatigue in some cases. Vitality and energy surges in others.  Of course I use this roller coaster simply as an example in  jest but the reality is we are in a huge transition that’s picking up the pace and we are feeling it on all levels.  I could go on about what people are experiencing but the real question and important piece is:


Take a breath and realize you are not alone. Not only are many others going through this, but the Angelic support is more available than ever before. How can you tap into this support?

Ground. Being grounded and in present time is essential. Slow down. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but we must. We are being asked to slow down in fact by the Angelic realm. This is very purposeful because our bodies need time to “catch up” and integrate the energy changes. I also feel we are finding a new way to accomplish as much and more as we do slow down. It is also in the stillness and quiet of both physical and mental bodies that we hear and receive the guidance we are looking for. Take. Taking frequent breaks from what you are doing and ask where am I? Are there several thoughts going through your mind at once? Do you feel tension in your body? Take several deep breaths. Get up and walk around for a moment. Before you step back into what you were doing, decide you will feel more in the present moment and STOP

A key piece of the roller coaster ride is stepping more fully into who YOU are. We have carried much of what others who love us have thought we should do, be and so on. A purposeful part of this Shift is letting go of  who you are not. Releasing all the baggage both conscious and unconscious is most essential.

We are being greatly assisted in this. How you ask? How many times have you had an old memory come up; typically an uncomfortable one out of the blue? It’s coming up for releasing and to fully let go of every aspect of it! This leads to:

Thoughts and Emotions.  Wither it’s a memory that comes up or what we are doing in the moment our thoughts and attitude will determine more that anything what kind of experience we will have. Thoughts are electrical and have a charge. When you let the thought grow by adding a feeling or emotion; emotion being magnetic,  it will ignite like a lit match to a full raging bon fire. Or a very uncomfortable roller coaster ride if you will. Not only will the issue or thought experience grow but you will also attract other frequencies (remember thoughts are electrical and emotions are magnetic) of the very same emotions. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. We are connected and are surrounded by thoughts in bandwidths of energy. So, you will draw to you these same energies. How many times have you gotten angry about something and had that anger grow the more you thought and felt it? Perfect example.

It becomes and is so important to keep your focus and Intention on your Attention. You hold the key in how your roller coaster ride will be. Where is your attention? Happy or frustrated? Sad or feeling appreciation?

The best re-balancing and aligning is to move your body and get out in Nature in the light, beauty and sounds of our amazing earth. This will do wonders for you body, mind and spirit.

Sound. The value and transforming power of sound are not to be underestimated. Hum, and notice the vibration throughout  you body. The vibration of sound though music, humming, toning, chanting and singing will raise your frequency and create a shift in your awareness, energy and mood in a rapid and wonderful way.

Tuning in and listening to what you body(s) needs is a big piece. We must shift our attention from giving more to others first and leaving us to last. Think of being on an airplane. Don’t they tell you to oxygen mask on YOU first?  We meant no harm, but we have often neglected ourselves in our desire to serve. Time to stop that. It is not selfish to use good self-care but Self-Saving to do so. Start right now to decide you will give more to yourself. Rest when you need to rest. Let go of the push and be in the moment. Ask for support. Call on the Angels, your guides and the many who are here on earth to assist you too. Miraculous things happen when two or more come together in guided Divine light.

While there is more to add to the story, these suggestions or tips and tools as I call them, if implemented will make a comfortable difference for you. My Passion is assisting other on their Sacred Journey by sharing tips and tools that have supported me on my path and brought transformation.

My intention in sharing is to bring awareness to your journey the possibilities of creating a ride filled with ease.

May your ride be filled with exciting moments of bliss and ease.



I sent my husband to the store for Arnica and Bach Flower Rescue Remedy.  The Roses and Chocolate he brought home too were a bonus….

It was a gorgeous spring day, my dachshund Wiley and I were the only ones up that Saturday morning and he was ready to go for a walk. It was just past 8 am and our other Dachshund Oliver; didn’t move from his bed, so just Wiley and I headed out. This was the first miracle; Oliver staying behind was not at all typical. Oliver had back surgery several years before and although well healed and doing great, he would forever be a bit weak in his hindquarters.

If we saw them, we avoided the two big Black dogs, or devil dogs as my husband called them (we later learned the next door neighbor called them demon dogs!). They were loose too often and once when trying to help them get back to their house they charged towards me. After that day I stayed away and told anyone if you see them loose, go inside. I also learned the dogs had charged my next door neighbor’s children at play, but had been stopped before they could reach them.

That Saturday morning Wiley and I walked our normal route down the street. We were only two houses down on the sidewalk when it happened. Those two big black dogs came bounding around from the back of their house at a full run like they knew we were there. My little 16 lb dachshund is small, but he thinks he is big. He has told off big dogs before when we are walking, but he didn’t even see them coming- I am certain because he didn’t make a sound. The big dogs came charging right towards us yet they ignored me and the next thing I knew Wiley was on his back and the had him by the throat. They were like savages growling, teeth gnashing and flailing. It happened in a flash and in an instant I was hearing the most piercing screams.  They were my own.  With no forward thought I knew not to run or try to separate them. I did what I can only say was instinct. I stood screaming at the top of my lungs for my life. You know those nightmares where you need to scream and you can’t? I am now quite certain if you have to scream you can and will. You will probably make sounds you didn’t even know you could make. I stood screaming for what seemed like a very long time. Where was everyone? Why didn’t even one car drive up the road? Time felt frozen. I realized I was holding a leash with an empty collar attached while my dog fought back for his life. Time continued to feel both frozen, like it was not moving and taking a very long time all at once. Where was help?

All of the sudden I heard a booming male voice shout, “What’s going on out here?” Chris, our next door neighbor had stepped into his garage and heard my screams. The deep male voice caused the big dogs heads to raise up and I saw Wiley flip over and run. He was alive was my first thought. He ran into Chris’ open garage. It was over and yet I was in shock. Chris asked if I was ok and I explained in breathless screams what had happened. The big dogs, mysteriously ran into their back yard. Just vanished. Back into their house we later learned. Chris described what he felt as horror hearing my screams then seeing me standing on the sidewalk holding a leash with an empty collar.

We began searching for Wiley, first looking all through Chris’s house since the door was open and I had seen him run into the garage. When we did not find him there I ran home and burst through the front door shouting with ragged voice for my husband. I frantically told him what happened and that I need him to find Wiley with me. Wiley was on our back deck, had had come home. He was shaking, bleeding but ok. I had seen two big dogs come after me (so it appeared), and attack my dog. I knew there were many miracles that had taken place, but for the moment I was in shock. My voice was raw and all but gone and we needed to get Wiley to the vet.

Wiley had some scrapes and a few punctures that would need to be watched because of the type of wounds they were. The Vet said it was a miracle he wasn’t hurt worse or killed. We knew that was true. I knew from what I witnessed, it was a miracle. How odd too that Chris, who stopped the attack had a dog of his own killed in that very way only a few years before.

Next came the journey of healing. We went home and began the road back to ease and well being. It truly had been a big shock for all of us. I was relieved to have Energy Tools in my Tool Box; Heart Point Technique and the Tools of Alchemy in addition to the Arnica, Rescue Remedy and Essential Oils.  I knew to use them to clear the fear and trauma and to have the support of gifted healer friends to call on. It was a time to reach out and ask for help.

I also observed how my dog healed. He got very quiet right from the beginning. He slept, he curled up into himself; a position I didn’t see him in ever. I too, rested and slept. He took the homeopathy and flower essences I offered him for the trauma with ease.

One the third day Wiley began to lick his wounds. Humm that was interesting. I noticed he knew what he need and acted on it. He was also very present as Dogs live in present time. He was happy to look out the window and play a bit when he felt like it, he wasn’t absorbed in what happened, it was in the past. He was also not afraid to walk our usual path down the street. He would begin to go that way, and I would steer him in the opposite direction. It’s taken me much longer to clear the trauma and memory I realized.

The day of the attack I felt so much gratitude for the safety both Wiley and I had experienced.  I was also curious. My guidance told me the Archangels rendered the big dog’s bites worthless, I knew that was true because the two dogs were really going at him. I also learned Wiley had a choice. To stay or go and he chose stay. For me. He knew I still needed him were the messages I received.

Several days later, as I was reaching for something my back gave out. It went into horrible spasms like I had never experienced. I was laid up for days recovering. Why did this effect me so deeply? I was curious at the intensity of the trauma and emotional pain I was feeling. An inner knowing told me there was more to this. I was not just feeling this present life experience but also memories of Atlantis where our beloved animals were so hurt…as we were also.

Life moved on. Then on the three year anniversary week of the event my back was in similar pain again Ahhhh, more lessons. I was surprised to learn that I still held anger for the big dogs………..I had done plenty of energy work, lot’s and lot’s around fear, but really, had I not forgiven them for doing what came naturally to them as dogs?  I saw what I had not looked at. I would still get angry at the thought of it happening again. ANGER was stuck in my muscles and tissues! I was angry at how much I screamed, angry at pictures I still saw in my memory of the attack and of the what if’s.

While I had been looking at how grateful I was for the positive outcome, my back was playing out the deeper emotions. I really was angry.  I was angry that the dog owners took no responsibility and even tried to deny it happened, saying their dogs weren’t “like that” and it wasn’t so bad and even saying that Wiley had initiated the attack!  I finally admitted for the first time that I would get angry when I walked my dogs thinking what if….Oh, I would do energy work to clear that and redirect my thoughts as I know the Law of Attraction, but I had missed the picture behind that. I was still holding anger in my thoughts and even in my tissues. In doing this, I was not complete in healing this experience. I looked towards Wiley. I felt certain he was complete. HE didn’t show any fear or upset when we stepped outside! I knew I did not want to hold or experience this level of anger hidden or not any longer.

I determined there is a value in using good judgement and intuition in the future when I walked my dogs, but there is no value in holding onto any of this now past experience, that doing so would weigh like heavy baggage and alter my vibration. I smiled at Wiley, what a wonderful teacher and companion he had been through this experience.

Wiley who we have had since he was 6 weeks old is now a frosty faced old boy about to turn 14.

Dogs truly are unconditional Love and I am convinced they are very big Souls and great teachers. My Wiley has been all of those.  I am grateful for the big lessons this Long Little Doggie has taught me. And especially grateful that on that day, he chose to stay around a while longer.


11/11/14~A day to remember our Veteran’s and honor their service in the name of freedom here in the US and other parts of the world.  I hold a personal gratitude in my heart for those close to me who have willingly served.

This day is also a Universal alignment with new frequencies of light and Ascension codes, a Gateway opening from All that Is shifting us into new possibilities and awareness’s.

According to Numerology 11 is a Master Number and a signal to the start of a new cycle or beginning. I see 11:11 and 1:11 on the clock daily and know this means I am in alignment with my path and often there is a message from the Angels for me. It’s a time to take a moment, pause and breath in the light and assistance from the Beings of Light.

Using the formula of Numerology to add up the numbers in the date of November 11, 2014
11.11.2014 = 1+1 + 1+1 + 2+0+1+4 = 11, we learn this means:

It is an 11 Day, in the 11th month which adds up to an 11 Universal Date. This triple 11:11:11 activation opens significant gateways into new realities, possibilities and an opportunity to upgrade your awareness and open your consciousness to the bigger picture in this right now present moment.

How we hold our Attention and our Intention will prove beneficial in aligning us with this Gateway of New Beginnings.

I was guided by Archangel Michael to tap into the 11.11. Gateway and bring forward an Energy Transmission. This Divine Sacred Transmission was created during the 11 Master day and holds all the templates available in a timeless body of work for anytime.

This space was created with the intention of assisting you to align with what is possible for you. Bringing you more aligned with the Truth of Who You Are in a nurturing and uplifting way.

Click here to participate in the transmission: 11 Gateway Energy Transmission

Blessings as you Manifest new possibilities to you on this Energy Gateway 11 day,


Sacred Journey Mentor


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