Baseball in the 5th Dimension, part 1

by Pam Rennie

Fall Baseball

He stepped up to bat for the first time that fall game. First time at bat ever. He looked confidant and hopeful.  He was 9 and the only player on the team who had never played baseball before.  He not only held his own during the practices but the coaches said he had a good arm and was expected to be a big hitter too.

I said a prayer. I asked for him to be successful and  get on first base. I was anxious with my request, nervous for him.  It also was not like me to project my thoughts in this way. Or was it?  The first pitch; a ball, another ball, a strike, then WHACK. He was hit by the pitch. On the back of the neck.  Hit hard. I jumped out of my seat..panicked, was he ok? He crouched to the ground; the coaches came running and surrounded him.  I was worried about the pain and I was angry.

Why did god let this happen (did I really think this? that is so not my way of thinking) I ran to get ice; what else is a Mother to do when she is helpless? The anger grew and I asked the Archangels, why, why?? Hadn’t I asked for his success? He did not need this! He had been through so much already in his life.

With the baggie of ice I reached the dugout looking for him. He was not there.  I scanned the field spotting him standing on first base. Where I had prayed for him to be!  Of course, getting hit by the pitch walks you on base; I didn’t remember this in my upset. I slid into my chair letting the baggie of ice fall to the ground.  I didn’t see that my request for his success was so limiting. So small. I was about to learn.

He rounded the bases and made it to home plate twice that game, getting walked onto first base the second up at bat.  I was relieved he looked fine like he shrugged it off. I was wrong. “I am never playing baseball again”, he stated as he climbed into the car. My heart sank. What if he really wouldn’t ever play again? I could see the life’s lessons available here. Would he be ready to learn them? Would he be open to listening?

Through the next couple of weeks we talked about the universal Law of Attraction. We talked about the energy of thought and the magnetic power of emotions. We talked about how fear can be a block and attract more fear. We talked about focus and intention and using words and mantra’s to create what you want to experience….all at the pace for a 9 year old who was still angry, and thought he knew everything.

More importantly I had realized (and remembered) that MY ideas of what may be best for him to experience was not the full picture or the divine plan. I had forgotten he was not mine, but a divine being with lessons of his own to learn his way.

During the games that followed I did not pray for what I thought would be a success for him. Instead I held the energy of powerful words like: capable, confidant and certain. I felt the words with a smile on my face as he stepped up to bat. I knew as I held these frequencies of living words the vibrations like radio waves would be there for him to match to his intention if he choose.   I created a template in my own well-being allowing the Universal Law to do the rest. Not projecting the energy;  it was what I was choosing to feel and be in the moment. I was choosing how I wanted to experience watching the game and allowing him the freedom to experience the game as he choose. The energy of the words allowed me to enjoy the game without an attachment to the outcome. I held my space with such happiness game after game as he looked scared at the plate and jumped back to avoid the ball and most times not even swinging the bat.

After several games the coaches said they thought by now he would have overcome the fear of getting hit. Then one magical day. WHACK!  The first pitch his first up his bat came alive! It was a hit and a great hit. I leaped out of my seat this time out of sheer excitement! Oh the exhilaration! He had a wide ear to ear grin on his face at second base as he scanned the crowd for us and gave a thumbs up. His second time at bat he hit an even stronger, longer hit. Pure bliss!

The game ball went to him that day. The coach said, “his bat came alive.”

After the game, still in uniform we sat in the family room reminiscing the game. The conversation happy and energy lively,  different than pep talk’s that took place after the other games.  I said, “imagine if you had quit playing you would never have known what this feels like right now; what it felt like to hit that ball and run like the wind onto base.”  He replied with, “oh there is no quitting, I knew I could do it.”

With a smile on my face and in my heart I saw all the life’s lesson, all the experiences that would have been missed if he had not been whacked by that pitch. His lessons and mine.  We both chose to experience baseball in the 5th dimension in present time, allowing Life’s Lesson’s to unfold for each of us using the Laws of the Universe. What a great season.



Spring Baseball 2013 has begun.  Second season for this now 10 year old. He has come to the plate swinging with a few hits in the early games, yet some of the old fears creep in.  He says sometimes he feels very nervous at the plate and in the first few game you would here the coach yell, “move up! get on top of the plate!”

The best part? This season the second game the coach put him in as pitcher for part of an inning. From the pitchers mound he exuded confidence and focus. He looked so in him element. He did a fantastic job and hopes to pitch often. The life’s lessons continue to unfold in a powerful way through baseball…..for us both.



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