An Awakening from Fried Chicken

by Pam Rennie


It’s true. I learned several lessons from a fried chicken dinner that brought an expanded awakening.

Let me explain:

My husband and I had gone to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  I was particularly hungry that night; looking over the menu I saw some new selections had been added to the regular fare. One of them was fried chicken. A fried boneless skinless breast of chicken, topped with white gravy, mashed potatoes and biscuits. I had never eaten white gravy or chicken and biscuits together.  I hardly ever eat fried food, but this one was calling my name. I shifted my gaze to healthier options, but my eyes kept going back to that fried chicken. Finally I said to my husband, I really want the fried chicken! “He said, you must need the comfort food, go for it”.

I did. I ordered the fried chicken.  I also decided to fully release all thoughts of what an unhealthy meal it was; fried, loaded with carbohydrates, fat and calories.

When the meal arrived, with gratitude I blessed it asking for my body to take what it needed and release what it didn’t.  Of course the meal was still fat and calorie loaded; yet I made the choice to fully enjoy the meal releasing all thoughts and feelings of guilt that I shouldn’t be eating something like this and any worry around how unhealthy it was.

Oh, and enjoy it I did! It was so delicious; I savored each and every bite. I quickly filled up and took the leftovers home.

Here is where it got interesting. The next day I was in the park walking.  It was a very fast paced invigorating walk, I felt fantastic. It was typical for me to walk in the morning not afternoon. That realization sparked my curiosity, which grew when I realized that while I had plenty of water that day, and a lovely cup of green tea in the morning I had not eaten a thing! I had been busy in my work and had not felt the least bit hungry.  I saw that I had done exactly what my body needed in each moment. The chicken dinner had filled me for hours; I had no upset from it and was in an almost subconscious guided mini fast the next day. When I tuned into what my body needed next, I heard, greens. Lots’ of greens.

I was so intrigued by what had taken place. In making the decision to choose what I wanted-that fried chicken dinner- and the intention I created along with that decision, I had opened up to a deeper way of following my body’s subtle guidance to give it what it needed and desired! I was seeing that in action that very next day. That action of Permission created an opening.

I also didn’t let that comment about “you must need the comfort food” slip by ignored. I checked in to see why I needed comfort; cleared an old hurt that had come up to release and brought in some wonderful comforting energy. I was complete.

Fried Chicken brought me a wonderful message of Deciding it was OK to Choose what I wanted and Allowing myself Permission to fully Enjoy. I can’t wait to see what takes place the next time I put this to practice!

Oh, and those leftover I brought home? I had no desire to eat them what so ever. They didn’t go to waste however. My son ate them.





photo credit: chicken and lettuce

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Nikki September 2, 2013 at 1:26 pm

Thank you so much for sharing this story, lots to be learned from it. I think I had a similar story, but did not ‘realize’ it to the extent you did. I often have the desire for greens after a ‘naughty’ meal. Best regards


Pam Rennie September 2, 2013 at 1:35 pm

Thank you for your comment Nikki. Wonderful to see you here! We all have interesting relationships with food, even if we don’t realize it.
Many Blessings,


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